What kind of doc?

by Malcia

My name is Malicia, I'm 21 years old I live in Michigan. My hair loss started in th 9th grade. at the time I didnt notice it untillmy beautician asked me if I got into a fight where someone pulled my hair out. It looked like 4 inches shorter. I never knew because it didnt itch or nothing she said it was just a stress spot. However, as time went on it it began to itch in the one area. The spots in the top middle of my head like where a baby's soft spot is. It's like thicker skin there Its no scab there anymore but at a point in time there was because I was messing with it. I pulled a piece of hair out in that spot to look at it. And it looks like two strands of hair growing into one from the scalp into one hair strand? I don't know if its a follicle problem Do I need enjections or can I take a vitamin. I have no health insurance to go to the doctor so a cheap alternative would be best. Thank You for your time.



It seems that you have been experiencing hair loss for at least 6 years, which is a long time considering that you are only 21.

You need to do everything that you can to get your hair treated so that your scalp can heal and you can avoid permanent baldness.

There are a number of dermatology experts in the Detroit area who can help you including Dr. Lorna Thomas, Dr. Carol Prince, as well as others.

Unfortunately, the over the counter non-prescription treatment options to help what you have are very limited for medical conditions.

You would do better to see what the cost would be to see one of the physicians who can help you and see if there is a way to work it out.

A healthy head of hair is priceless!

Dr. W

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