Black Hair Styles Can Cause Medical Conditions

A wide variety of black hair styles help to enhance your beauty and give you the look you want, when you want to have it. However, there can be medical consequences that you have to deal with as a consequence of one hair style or another.

Read below to review some of the medical conditions that can be related to Black Hair Styles.

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions are a hair style used to create a wide variety of looks. If you have too much tension or traction is applied to your hair in the process of attaching the extensions, this can cause you to develop a condition called Traction Folliculitis . If the tension or traction on your hair continues for a prolonged period of time, then your hair follicles can become injured which can lead to scar tissue developing under the surface of the scalp. In this case, you develop traction alopecia which can be a permanent form of baldness.

Hair Weaves

Hair Weaves as a hair style can cause you to have similar problems if the weaved hair is pulled tightly from the scalp. This can lead to the formation of tiny pustules on your scalp as well as scaling and flaking which is known as traction folliculitis . If there is prolonged tension on your hair then this can ultimately lead to a permanent type of hair loss called traction alopecia.

Corn Rows

Corn Rows is a type of black hairstyle that can be convenient for you to wear and minimize the need for daily combing and brushing. As long as the rows of braided hair are loose on your scalp and not too tight, there is usually little harm caused to the scalp. However, it is important for you to still shampoo and moisturize your hair to prevent it from drying out too much. If you get your rows put in too tightly, then your scalp can become irritated and lead to other problems.

Dread Locks

Dread Locks can be very stylish and require low maintenance. You will have minimal risk for any type of hair loss or scalp irritation due to tension or traction. One of the biggest challenges you can experience with locks is related to scaling, flaking, and itching of the scalp. This is most often due to seborrheic dermatitis which is a condition that you inherit and it can effect up to 30% of the population. When you have this condition, it can require frequent shampooing with or without the application of medication directly to your scalp to control the symptoms.

Afro Hair

Afro Hair with naturally curly is a black hair style that gives you a freedom of expression to show your hair as Mother Nature planned it. Without the risk of chemical damage or tension or traction your hair can just grow and grow. As your hair grows and if you have very thick hair you may find it easier to manage combing and brushing by using hair moisturizers or hair dressings or sheen products. If you have the genetic predisposition to an itchy flaky scalp due to seborrheic dermatitis , you will need to use medicated products to control this condition

Going Bald

Going Bald as a black hair style can provide you with the option to shave it all off and avoid any need to do anything to your hair. One of the biggest undesirable problems that you might experience as a result of going bald is the development of pustules and infection on the scalp which is called Bacterial Folliculitis . This condition may be localized to one area of the scalp or it can be more generalized. You will usually develop it because your hair is shaved or cut with a very sharp razor or clippers, not because of dirty clippers.

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