"The Hair Loss Specialist Will See You Now"

Appointments with Dr. Weaver

Renowned hair loss specialist, Doctor Weaver, has a private practice in Houston, and you can make an appointment to see Doctor Weaver by calling 713 665-7300. His office hours are available by appointment.

You will have the opportunity to be evaluated and treated by a dermatologist who has practiced in the Houston area since 1982. You will have access to his specialized techniques and systems using the most advanced and effective technologies to help individuals with problem skin and hair improve their self confidence and self-esteem by correcting a wide variety of skin and hair disorders as well as improving their body shape utilizing surgical and non-surgical procedures.

In an effort to focus on quality care to his patients and minimize interference by third party payers, Doctor Weaver has offered his services on a fee for service basis for the past 15 years and his office does not bill insurance companies for the services rendered. A billing statement is provided that is suitable for insurance billing if you decide to submit a claim for the services rendered. The office staff will provide any assistance that you need to complete this process.

A Message From Doctor Weaver

During my 25+ years of practicing in Houston, one of the conditions that has been occurring more and more frequently is hair loss in African American females. By the time many of you ladies make it to my office for consultation, you have experienced severe injury to your scalp and permanent baldness has developed. This makes it harder and sometimes impossible to treat the condition and restore the growth of hair.

In an effort to be proactive about finding a way to eliminate this condition or at least get individuals to come in for treatment before their hair loss is permanent, I have developed this website devoted to getting out medical information to consumers, hair care professionals, and medical personnel to help increase awareness and efforts to stop this condition.

What To Expect At The Time of Your Appointment

  1. A complete medical history will be taken; please bring the names of all previous medications and products used on your scalp. Please bring copies of the reports of any previous biopsies that might have been done on the scalp.

  2. Your scalp will be examined by Doctor Weaver. This examination could require a skin scraping for immediate microscopic evaluation or a skin biopsy could be required for diagnostic investigation.

  3. If a biopsy is necessary, you will be given an estimate of the cost so that you can approve for the procedure to be done. This biopsy will usually be done at the time of your initial office visit unless you decide to schedule it at another time.

  4. Doctor Weaver will explain your diagnosis or possible diagnoses and give you instructions for your initial treatment plan.

  5. If your treatment plan includes in office treatment, one of the clinical team members will administer your first treatment as prescribed by Doctor Weaver.

  6. An appointment will be scheduled for your return visit as is appropriate.

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