"The Hair Loss Specialist Will See You Now"

Appointments with Dr. Weaver

Renowned hair loss specialist, Doctor Weaver, after serving the Houston community for more than 40 years hehas retired from private practice and you can no longer make an appointment to see him.

A Message From Doctor Weaver

During my 40+ years of practicing in Houston, one of the conditions that has been occurring more and more frequently is hair loss in African American females. By the time many of you ladies make it to my office for consultation, you have experienced severe injury to your scalp and permanent baldness has developed. This makes it harder and sometimes impossible to treat the condition and restore the growth of hair.

In an effort to be proactive about finding a way to eliminate this condition or at least get individuals to come in for treatment before their hair loss is permanent, I have developed this website devoted to getting out medical information to consumers, hair care professionals, and medical personnel to help increase awareness and efforts to stop this condition.

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