PLEASE HELP !!!! I was diagnosed with CCCA Alopecia, 2yrs ago, by a dermatologist, once she examined my hair that day, she (dermatologist) knew what is was when she looked at my scalp, then she took a specimen and yes it came back as CCCA Alopecia …I cried right on the spot after hearing her diagnosis, and I ask her does she believe in Jesus? She said yes and I said The Lord can do all things, he make a way out of no way!!!! So as time passes by I’ve accepted the fact that I have this disease, and still hoping and praying that my air comes back, the crown of my head has very thin spotty, and here and there hair. I’ve gone through braiding as a kid to hot combing to hair dryers to relaxers to 5 years ago sister locks, within the first 3 years of my hair as sister locks my hair became weak was thin and so over time past 2 years my hair has went from that to bald on top, so with the sister locks being long around my head (a little in front to ear to ear, I’m resulting to having to wear my hair updo ponytail, (nothing in the middle) it’s as big as my open hand as I lay it open on the top of my head … so I’ve been dealing with this for a awhile now and things are getting heavy, weighing a toll on my heart, as I look at myself on a daily basis and I’m not happy with what while I’m looking in the mirror, I can’t do nothing else with it but bring it up, I’m so frustrated to the point I cry at least 3 -5 times a month as I try to maintain it …:so I go to comfort place in my mind and tell myself things could be worse at least I have some hair to just put it up in a updo… hallelujah hallelujah thanks for listening

For Your Information:

The hair loss you describe is certainly emotionally traumatic. While the hair you have lost might not grow back it is equally important to stick with your treatment plan to keep the hair you have and prevent the condition from spreading more in the future. Some individuals with scarring and hair loss that was previously thought to be permanent have improved with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments, hair lasers or other stem cell treatments. There is ongoing research to find a cause and a cure for CCCA so it's possible that the point could be reached where it's able to restore the hair you lost even if it is not possible to do so today.

Dr. Seymour Weaver

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