Scared Mom

by Dee

I am a mother of three and my youngest daughter Keegan just turned 5. Keegan has had a skin conditiion diagnosed by her doctor as ezcema since she was about three months. At six months her scalp condition was so bad and her hair was in patches I had to shave her head. By the time she turned one it happened again and has happened off and on for the last three years. Last year her skin and hair both were fine even through the winter months. Something changed this year around May and she started getting patches in her scalp again. Her hair has become very dry and brittle and has broken off very bad. It had grown out to her shoulders now its less than an itch long. I have tried many, many products natural organic, etc..nothing seems to help her scalp. Her ezcema has also flared up and has been the worse I have ever seen. I am now trying to focus on her diet more and looking for some education on childrens vitamins or supplements that can help her skin and scalp. I have stayed away from prescription creams when possible. She starts Kindergarden in just a few weeks. She is a little chunky and I am scared for her. Kids are cruel in the world we live in today. She is battling skin issues, hair issues and weight. We live in Hagerstown MD do you know anyone you could refer me to in the MD,DC,VA area. I want to do any and everything I can for my baby girl. Its important to fix and treat this now so she grows up mentally and physically ready for this word. My email is information you can send would be greatly appreciated

Hello Dee,

Here are several dermatologists in your area who should be able to help:

Valerie Callender, M.D. Mitchellsville, MD
Beverly Johnson, M.D. Washington, DC
Cylburn Soden,M.D. Laurel, MD

Dr. W

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