Scalp Disease

by Jo Ann Muhammad
(Phoenix, AZ)

Dear Dr Weaver,

My son has what you described as 'Acne keloidalis nuchae', bumps that are infected with pus and blood. The layer of skin is thick and hurts when he applies pressure to burst the bumps. Because he doesn't have medical insurance, is there anything he can purchase over the counter that can help clear up this problem?

Dear Jo Ann Muhammad,

In Reference to Your Son's Acne Keloidalis Nuchae,
the pus is usually a sign of bacterial infection which is best treated with oral antibiotics. Topical over the counter medications are not usually effective for this condition but you can try applying Bacitracin or Polysporin Ointment twice a day. Once the bumps start to turn into keloid scars cortisone medication such as injections can be required. Check to see if any type of health facility exists in the Phoenix area for individuals who do not have health insurance to see if he can still get the care he needs.

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