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From the top left side

From the top left side

I have been having scalp and hair problems since I can remember. As a teenager, my hair would break off to about an inch long in the center of my head. Of course I didn't think much of it, then I started wearing those weave ponytails with the pins and the clamps that were very damaging to my scalp. As an adult, I have worn my hair more naturally, but the damage has been done. My scalp is burning as I type my story. From the research that I have done online, my guess is that I suffer with Cicatricial Alopecia. I have balding in the top of my head, and also balding in the back of my head along with razor bump from having my hair shaved 15 years ago. When I get micro braids, my hair usually growths a good length and helps out, but it always falls out again. I visited a dermotologist in 2007. When I walked into the physician's office, it was all caucasian, so I immediately thought that I would not get the best treatment. I maintained a positive attitude. The doctor cut off the razor bumps, gave me perscriptions to use, and follow up in a month. I did so, and it got better. He cut off some more bumps on the follow up visit, told me that was it, and to come back it something else occurs. I felt shafted. In September 2008 I went to a black predominant women doctor in my town. She told me that I had a fungus, to stop using chemicals, gave me infection pills and Capex. She stated not to use any vitamins, Biotin, or anything. Just use Blue Star Ointment and my hair would grow back. I am continuing to lose hair. I have been tempted to scratch my scalp three times while typing this. I want to reach out to some fancy institute or doctor to ease my pain and give me some relief, but my wallet won't allow it. So I'm online to try to find something that is helpful. I must say that reading this website has made me feel a little better. I am so embarassed about it that I just constantly cry to myself and just feel hopeless, that God will perform a miracle and just heal me.


I am sorry to hear of your ongoing problem with hair loss and scalp irritation despite seeking out medical care to help you get relief.

Let me know where you are located and I can try to find the resource that is closest to you to help you get the care that you need.

From what you describe, you should be able to get relief from the burning and irritation, even if you do have cicatricial alpecia.

Dr. W

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