Mrs. Angela Bolden

by Angela Bolden
(Okatie, SC, US)

Well I have the condition Lichen Planopalaris. I was diagnosis with the autoimmune disease March 2020. I was told that it was a rare disease, the white blood cells see my hair follicles as invaders and attack hair follicles. I had an awful burning sensation so the Dermatologist started me on a topical steroid to help with irritation, burning and inflammation. It was during the height of the COVID out break. I couldn't personally see the Dermatologist until 23 April. Things seem to have calmed down until I washed my hair. I made another visit back to the office and was given a topical injection into the scalp. The scalp inject was working fine until I place apple cider vinegar onto my scalp. I had to reach out to my Medical Doctor who gave me an intermuscular injection of 4mg of Decadron this is where I am at in my journeyp. I have been on the drug Hydroxychloroquine for the entire time. I've been on the drug for 4 months. I am currently at tolerable state. I still have a funny sensation through out my entire scalp. I am looking for that relief? I have hair loss. I can feel the fuzzies coming in and small amounts of hair growth in the area of loss, which is front and side of my head. I have 3/4 of my hair and the fortunate thing is the remaining hair continued to grow. My hair is in good shape. I am an African American women 60 years old. I was mad but I am glad I have a diagnosis and can finally work making my story a success. I can live with my loss but I will live better knowing that I can make a difference and change the way the disease progress in African American women.

That's my story.

Hello Angela,

Lichen planopilaris can be a challenging condition to experience. In addition to damaging hair follicles and causing areas of balding the inflammation can cause a variety of symptoms that can be so intense that it feels like the scalp is on fire. The medications you are using can be helpful, but it can take 12 to 18 months or longer sometimes to see the maximal improvement. Stick with your treatment plan and as you mentioned you have a diagnosis so you know what you are dealing with.

Best wishes for complete recovery,
Dr. Seymour Weaver

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