Lois Hicks Dallas, Texas

by Lois Hicks
(Dallas, Texas)

Hello Dr. Weaver. I really hope you can help me. My problem is that my hair at my neckline has broken off in such a way that my back hairline (kitchen as we call it) has been raised to nearly my top ear lobe. My "kitchen" keeps getting higher. I have also experienced severe itching back there, so I've been scracthing hesterically back there. It is time for a retouch but I hesitate because of the scratching and uncertainty of the results. My edges are also thinning but the rest of my hair is near shoulder lenght and appears to be ok. This itching and hair loss began about 2 retouches ago( about 3 months). My hair is unusually dry these days and I find myself oiling my scalp often. My hair will not hold curls and is not has bouncy with body as it was about 6 months ago. Any suggestions or recommendations you have will be greatly appreciated

Lois Hicks, Dallas Texas

Dear Lois Hicks,

The condition you describe reminds of a version of neurodermatitis of the scalp that has progressed to cause a condition known as lichen simplex chronicus. On the scalp the condition can be associated with hair breakage and thinning. Untreated it can go on for months and months or sometimes years and years. You should be able to find a dermatologist in the Dallas area who can help you with this condition such as Raymond Blackburn, M.D. Here is a link to an article I recently wrote about this condition http://blog.drseymourweaver.com/dermatology-blog
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Dr. Weaver

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