Locs Alopecia

by Jullie

I wore Sister Locs for two years and suspected the instrument used was thinning the hair line and the top of my hair. However, the company experts continued to deny the issue. Eventually, a trip to another dermatolgist and scan indicated the scalp was badly scarred in those areas. I did have immediate response with infrared scalp massages and some kind of freezing method to the scalp but cannot afford the $75 bi-weekly visits. Are there other natural alternatives that work?

Hello Jullie,

It is hard to make comments about what is the best treatment for your hair loss condition without knowing your specific diagnosis. You mention the presence of scarring and there are a number of medical problems that can lead to scarring including traction hair loss. A skin biopsy of the scalp can help differentiate which one is present. At this time I know of no herbal compounds that reverse scarring alopecia.

Dr. W

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