hair no longer curls

Dr Weaver: For the last 10 years or so I have worn a curl. Two years ago my hair suddenly began falling out, I was almost bald. I sought help from a dermotologist, stating that my problem was due to stress, he prescribed a shampoo by prescription. My hair did began to grow, then all of a sudden it stopped. I wear the short look texturizer because my hair will not or has not grown any longer. I do not believe that stress is the issue, it seems as though my scalp is very dry, I can use moisturizer, conditioners, surflur 8 and my hair just seems to inhale everything. I get lost of compliments for my short hair look but I am concerned that my hair does not seem to grow and I wish I could get a softer feel.
I live in Odessa, Texas and there is a great shortage of Black Hair Salons, in fact only a couple. Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


I think that the fact that you still have hair growing in the area of concern is positive, however you need to get a diagnosis so that you can get treatment to help with your concern. If you are unable to find a dermatologist in Odessa or Midland to help you, then you might have to do some traveling and schedule an appointment to go to the dermatology department at Texas Tech University in Lubbock which is the closest academic program to where you live.

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