hair loss with white bulp from scalp and whole body

by ali raza

dear sir,,

i have lost about 60% hair from top scalp in last 5 years, most of falling hair has while/yellow bulp on bottom, if i scrach my scalp the white bulp / Along with the scratching i notice that i can pick up tiny white/yellowish specs, like that of a grain of sand on my scalp. hardend white things comes out aslo all hairs are very thin, now it start to lose from mustach, beard and groin area

mean time i have visited many dermatologies but every one has diffrent opinion, now i am using Nizoral Shampoo & selsum blue shampoo

please help me sir.. what can i do to over come from this...please help me

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Mar 08, 2012
hair loss with white bulp from scalp and whole body-Density decreasing from entire body(beard, mustache,eyelash, eyebrows, underarm, pubic, hands, legs and rest of the body) including scalp NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm 28 years male from India,I'm also facing the same problem from 8 years, my hair density mostly dicreased from entire body. Please help me

Apr 21, 2009
Please request a skin biopsy
by: Seymour M. Weaver, III, M.D.

The condition you describe suggests that changes are taking place inside your hair follicles in the area of the papillae which is the origin of the hair structure.

The next best step to take would be to have a skin biopsy done, so that this area can be examined microscopically to identify what type of abnormality is present.

I would be unable to give you any accurate information without biopsy results to review.

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