Hair Loss Because of Scalp Diseases

by Crystal
(Chicago, IL, U.S.)

When I was around 8 years old,I developed a case of ring worm in the middle of my head. It was eventually treated but not before a big chunk of my hair was missing. Now, 8 years later, the missing area has begun increasing and is the size of a regular, if round, playing card. I've been researching my options and I wonder if you know of any hair loss specialist dealing with black hair in Illinois or the Midwest? Thank you for any assistance.


If your ringworm infection was treated and previously cleared up, then you should not be experiencing additional hair loss 8 years later.

Dr. Renee Earles and Dr. Brooke Jackson are both dermatologists located in the Chicago area who should be able to help you with your concern.

Seymour M. Weaver, III, M.D.

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