Hair loss at crown

by Temecco Buford
(Southaven,Ms., USA)

Hello I am a 31 year old African American woman with thinning to almost bald hair at the top of my crown. it itches all the time, then its sore and it hurts when I finish scrathing it. It is not even as long as a man when he get his hair cut on the side. I recieve my first relaxer at the age of 13, before that my hair was natural, with pressing of the hair. I had mid-back length hair then. Once i started to get the relaxer it got shorter and shorter. As I got older ( 16-17) I begin to notice that the top of my hair was getting shorter so I cut the reamaining hair to that length . It grew back then it kept repeating its self. Now it has gotten worse nothing I do can make it grow, and there very few dermatology that is in my area ( Southaven,MS, its near Memphis, Tn.) At age 20, is when it started to get worse. I have notice that if I cut my hair, it grows, if I get braids put in my hair ( Micro braids and Kinky twist) it grows, everytime i gotten pregnant ( 1998,1999, and 2003)it grew, but If I wear my hair down like it is or roller set nothing happen. I relax my hair every 6 weeks, no other chemicals like hair dyes, rinse or highlights. I dont even use a lot of heat on my hair such as curling irons, I only use a overhead dryer to dry my hair. It constanly itch all the time, then hurt if I do scratch it. I am so embrassed. So what should i do, Do I need blood test?, If so, what kind?, Should I have my scalp evaluate, if so by who? I really want my hair to grow back. Any suggetions? I am at the point of shaving all of my hair off but I know it would only enhance my depression and lower my self esteem. Please, Please,Please if their is anything or any suggestion that I can do I will. Or if their is any Dermatology in the Memphis,Tn. or Southaven,Ms. area that you recommend, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you and God Bless.

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Aug 30, 2012
by: Angel

hi, I have the same issue and have seen a dermatologist previously. can you recommend a dermatologist in the Hampton, VA area? Thanks!

Jan 14, 2009
Hair Loss With Features of Neurodermatitis
by: Seymour M. Weaver, III, M.D.

The symptoms you describe are characteristic of a medical condition called neurodermatitis.

This is a variant of eczema that can occur anywhere on the body. However, for some reason it is extremely common at the top of the scalp as well as along the lower posterior scalp area.

Many affected individuals have severe itching even though the scalp itself looks normal. As a result of chronic scratching, rubbing, or excessive combing and brushing, the hair will break off and look like shorter stubble. This hair can grow, but it is oftentimes weaker than normal hair.

To get relief requires using topical and oftentimes medication delivered by local injections. If the scalp looks abnormal in the area then it could be necessary to do a skin biopsy of the scalp to check for other medical conditions.

Dr. Robert Jackson, M.D. and Dr. Bartholomew Gibbs,M.D. are dermatologists located in Memphis, Tennessee who should be able to help you get relief.

Once the itching stops and the scalp is no longer inflamed, your hair can grow back.

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