Cicatricial Alopecia

by Harriette
(Virgin Islands )

Over ten years ago I noticed a small bald spot in the crown of my head. I went to a Dermatologist who gave me steroids injections in my scalp. My hair did not grow back and the bald spot became larger. I have used several topical solutions that did not work. I am now considering hair transplant. My question is does hair transplant work for my condition?


Dear Harriett,

The spot you describe could be due to several medical conditions that effect the scalp and cause baldness. You mentioned the possibility of cicatricial alopecia which is used diagnosed on the basis of a skin biopsy, but you don't mention that you have had this done before. If this is your diagnosis the fact that the condition continued to spread after your injection means that the process was still active and additional treatment needed to be done. Having hair transplanted to an area that still has active inflammation will not work. The transplanted hair will be destroyed by the same process. Medical treatment needs to be done to heal the scalp before any attempt is made to put transplanted hair follicles in place.

Dr. Weaver

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