Can ringworm virus remain in blood stream undetected and untreated.?

I move in to an appointment with the former renters, were dog owners. I was told that the carpet was shampoo and I even had it shampooed myself. But my son had started getting ringworms around 8yrs old. Must have come from the carpet in his bedroom, but I was always putting sulfur on them and other remedies. I never saw anything on myself but I do believe it somehow entered my blood steam. I started loosing my hair like 17 yrs ago and I’m experiencing itchy scalp and hair loss. I have places where it feels sore but there are no visible sores. My scalp is sore at times. (my husband says I scratch mostly at night in my sleep) I believe if I can take something to clean out my blood I would be ok. (Scalp resembles aggressive pictures above)

Ringworms Do Not Enter the Bloodstream

First of all in reference to your son, if he has a recent onset of ringworm like patches and they do not improve with over the counter medications, then he might need treatment by his pediatrician or a dermatologist.
If you have been experiencing hair loss with an itchy scalp and soreness for 17 years that's way too long. A medical evaluation by a dermatologist can possibly identify the source of the problem and help you to get relief. Try to see someone as soon as possible.

Dr. Seymour Weaver

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