Bacterial Folliculitis

by Scott Tunstall
(Bremerton, Wa USA)

I have been suffering with severe,sore bumps with pus and hair grows out of them. I have had this condition for 8-10 years. I have not found anything that helps this condition. I don't have medical to seek the proper help and I am wondering what I can do about this. The more I stress or any anxiety I have, makes the bumps worse and even unbareable at times. Is there a cure for bacterial folliculitis and what can be done?


Bacterial folliculitis represents a condition where the growth of organisms inside of the hair follicles causes inflammation, pain, and irritation.

The most effective way to improve this condition is with antibiotic medications usually by mouth when the scalp area is effected.

Milder cases may clear up without oral antibiotics, however since you have had this condition for years, it would be best if you could find a way to get the medications prescribed and take them for an appropriate length of time.

There are a few pharmacies that now offer 30 day supplies of generic antibiotics for $4.00 so there is a way you can treat this for a lower cost.

In terms of a cure, a number of factors can trigger this problem ranging from grooming and styling aids, to hair cutting techniques, to climate factors, to genetics, and more. So, without knowing what caused you to develop this problem in the first place, it is hard to say what it will take for a cure.

With all of that being said, your best next step is to get an effective medication and take it long enough for your scalp to heal, and then see what happens after that.

Seymour M. Weaver, III, M.D.

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