Anne R Owens-Sarcoidosis Patient

I was diagnosed w'sarcoidosis in 2004 - have several lesions and very sensitive places on scalp. My new hairdresser asked me a question never asked to me before. What has your doctor said about putting the chemicals of a permanent wave on your scalp? Is it dangerous to your condition. How do the chemicals effect your disease?
I felt stupid because even though I have struggled with my previous hairdresser to take a lighter touch with the brush due to the sensitiviey of my scalp, nothing was ever mentioned about the chemicals from the perm, likely due to the fact that she has been giving me perms years prior to my diagnosis and my hair has not much body with out it.

Answer would be most appreciated.


Sarcoidosis is a mysterious disease that is associated with chronic inflammation that causes nodules of what are called granulomas to form, but the cause has never been discovered.

It can basically occur in any organ of the body, including the skin and can involve the scalp leading to baldness and scarring.

Depending upon the amount of irritation and sensitiviy it causes to your scalp chemical exposure could do nothing or the condition could be aggravated.

One of the peculiar things about sarcoidosis is that it tends to become active in areas of injury or scar formation.

So, for example if an attempt was made to scratch your scalp to remove flakes or areas of inflammation, this could potentially make the problem worse; if a chemical caused your scalp to become irritated in any manner, this could potentially make the condition worse.

Ideally, you should get your scalp treated and make sure that any inflamed areas are healed, then your scalp will be better able to handle the grooming and styling techniques you prefer.

If your scalp is treated and the inflammation is under control, then your scalp should stop being sensitive.

SM Weaver,III, M.D.

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