1 Year Son with Scalp Ringworm -

by Mrs Burgess
(Greenville, SC)

My 1 year old son has been battling scalp ringworm for almost 4 months now. My son HAS NOT loss any hair.
His pediatrician prescribed Griseofulvin, which he took for 2 months and a strong antibiotic, which he took for 10 days. I used Selsum Blue to shampoo his hair twice a week and applied essential tea tree oil 3/4 a week. After 2 months he referred me to a dermatologist who prescribed 1/2 Lamisil tablet for 30 days and Naftin gel to be applied twice a day. He also advised me to shampoo only once a week and discountinue the tea tree oil.

Everytime we get to like day 28 or day 31, the little bump(what it looks like when it first started) comes right back in the same spot and starts to look wet. He has been takin these medications non stop for almost 4 months. I dont think the meds are working and I think all that medicine is too much for his little body. I dont want his liver or kidneys to be affected.

I've tried his pee(old southern remedy). I've tried adding a couple of drops Grapefruit Seed Extract to his juice for a couples of days but that didn't seem to do anything. Vinegar and Peroxide rinses after I wash seem to dry it some.

I dont think he is re-catching it because it comes back in the exact same spot and I'm constantly washing/disinfecting EVERTHING. I've shaved the dog and he's all clear. I dont know where he go this from. He doesn't go to daycare but my 4 year does and may have been a carrier.

A jamacian guy told me to try Sulfur. Im on the verge of dabbing it with diluted bleach. However, I dont want him to have an allergic reaction or be walking around with blonde hair. Im at my wits end at what to do. Please help with any suggestions/recommendations.


Most fungal infections of the scalp clear up within four to eight weeks with the medication you mentioned being prescribed. The fact that the bump keeps flaring up during the course of treatment suggests that other possible causes should be looked at such as a coexistent bacterial folliculitis.

Either way, a bacterial culture to check for resistant organisms or a fungal culture to confirm the diagnosis would be useful to move forward.

Dr Weaver

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